A Family History
Photo Circa 1896
McGuffin Coat of Arms
John Warren & Mary E. Knight
Photo Circa 1865
Confederate PensionER
Seated   Alma Pearl Stilwell w/ baby Bernard    Corda    Mary Elizabeth Knight    Bessy Cleo      John Warren McGuffin

Standing Lewis Cullen      Johnnie Lee        David      Marvin

Seated   Ginger Scott McGuffin  John Warren w/ baby Aurora Sells   Nell Carrell McGuffin   Carrell Mcguffin/Flaxman   David  Mcguffin   Marty Flaxman     

Standing Cory Sells w/ Noah   Kelly McGuffin/Sells   Lesli McGuffin/Mauldin    Dan Mauldin

If you have photos of your McGuffin Ancestors and info for this site please forward them to me for inclusion in this section with a link to their info and lineage.

This is earliest known John W.McGuffin family portrait and the latest 100 Years later.
Photo Circa 2006